A few exercises to restore peace and serenity

A few exercises to restore peace and serenity

Whether you commute or stay home to make a living every day, you may be usually faced with stress. The demanding job and the duties and responsibilities within the home often make it hard to squeeze a bit of serenity into our life.

However, by exercising, you can regain serenity when you arrive at home or before you deal with your occupation. The ambassador of peace Prem Rawat said that it is possible to attain peace because it is within us. Keep reading the following article and find out a few exercises which can help restore your inner serenity.

Mind exercises in the morning

After the early prayer, start each day with a mindfulness meditation which trains your mind to stay focused on your objectives and to gain clarity. In addition, meditation helps to unwind and regain serenity. It does not consist of clearing the mind from any thoughts; instead, you need to focus your attention on your goals that you may have previously enlisted.

By thinking deeply about them, you can find clarity on how to carry them out and reach the objectives. It might be about your relationship, or about changing your characteristics to have a pure heart, or about a healthy diet, or even about some problems at work. Visualize positive thoughts and relax so as to remove any negative images from the mental pictures.

Cardio exercises and breathings

In case of a conflict, stay calm by taking deep breaths. You might be suffering from anxiety because of a problem at work, or because of any other reasons related to health or relationship, or even due to budget restrictions. Drink a cup of cool water and take deep breaths to calm down your heart.

It is preferable to perform that early in the morning after your meditation practice. Breathe in and breathe out in the fresh air by opening the window or standing in the balcony and collect all your thoughts. Close your eyes and breathe calmly but more deeply. Practice for 30 to 60 minutes.

Physical fitness exercise

Physical exercise can improve the blood flow and strengthen the heart. It is equally a stress buster by helping the body release endorphins. It induces coordination between the mind and the body and helps to stay focused on tasks. You can play music while you are exercising.

  • Start with ankle and knee rotation; then, rotate also the wrists. After that, turn your head to the left and to the right and repeat that 8 times.
  • Stretch your legs and bend to the left and to the right with raise arms. Then, bend forward and touch the floor with your hands.
  •  Raise one leg backward, stand on one leg and keep your balance while stretching your arms. Keep that position for 10 seconds. Then, switch to the other leg and repeat that section 4 times.
  • Practice some jumping jacks on the spot, with invigorating march to relax a bit, and jump again while touching your butts with your soles.

Some written exercises for serenity

To avoid venting your anger and frustrations to your surroundings, like your children or parents or friends, a good exercise is to write down your thoughts and your wishes. Be careful so as not to write negative things. In other words, avoid writing down criticism or curses. These will trigger further unrest within the mind and heart. Instead, describe the problem, its reasons and its consequences; then, write down your wishes.

This should not involve any electronic gadgets; it means do not type your frustrations on a computer. Instead, write them by hand. Writing with your hand is a good way to release your emotions and as you write down your wishes, this can boost positivity in the mind, in order to peacefully address your struggles through your words. Keep the writing in your book and read it again when your worries are over before discarding it.